That one friend that annoys the shit out of you.

Bloggade inte så mycket igår eftersom jag var helt slut och hade inget att blogga om, satt hela dagen i min pyjamas igen och läste böcker, jätte kul att läsa ellerhur? skola

When you are going out and your parent ask 1000 questions…

Getting home after a long day at school…

When the bell rings at the end of class

You’re like
But then the teacher is like

When someone you hate falls

When You Sit Next To A Really Sexy Person:

And you’re like:
But you wanna be like:

When my parents type WWW. into the URL:

and they’re just like:

When i Graduate, i will sneak into all my teachers bedrooms and do this:

Trying to smile cute.


❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ No one likes me because i am weird as fuck

Why does the phone always ring when your in the bathroom?

Hi i'm Josh Hutcherson

He is so perfect, i'm just:

I look awful when I’m lying down

I’m like

When someone takes my food

Dancing at a party

All the guys are like:
All the girls are like:
And then there’s me:

When someone touches/bumps into your ass…

School is almost over.

That awkward moment when you’re eating and leave the best part to last and it falls on the floor:

When the bitch you hate speaks:

What you wanna do:
But all you really do is:

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